Goldstein’s ceramic work is functional, decorative, and sculptural. Teapots, covered jars, bowls, and wall sculptures define much of her work. Her raku fired pieces have metallic surfaces, ranging in color from blues to bright coppers, golds, and purples. The more functional pieces are high fired stoneware that have been glazed from a palette of twelve colors. The glazes are made in Goldstein's studio and are fired to over 2000 degrees. Her ceramic clothing pieces, which appear to be fiber or cloth, are created by stretching clay slabs so that an undulating pattern of waves are formed. The surfaces are textured from pressing materials such as lace, gutter screen, or canvas into the clay when it is still moist. These clay images vibrate with pastel like colors that are used to emphasize textures and the depth of the forms. The clothing pieces often have a gestural quality that gives them a feeling of motion in an otherwise rigid finished material. According to Goldstein, “While my intent is to replicate, my approach deals with growth and motion.”